Disney X Titanic

My friends over at Cosmopolitan.com wanted me to illustrate a series of Disney Characters “if they starred in Titanic”. There were fun, and funny, and exciting, and sad to draw.  You can see the full set here- http://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/movies/news/a57082/disney-couples-titanic-my-heart-will-go-on/                               



Disney X Leo

In celebration of Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning his well deserved Academy Award, my friends over at Cosmopolitan asked me to illustrate a set of Disney Lads and Ladies paying homage to some of his films.                  

Calling all voice actors!!! 2 comments

Hey guys, Think you have what it takes to bring the characters of Blood Reign to life?! I’m officially holding auditions for an animated passion project of mine. “Blood Reign: The Black Dinner” “Blood Reign: The Black Dinner” is an animated murder mystery web series by me, Isaiah Keith Stephens. Ten women. One Crown. One […]

Tilly Audition Sheet


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Manatee Princesses

This months gig was to draw some Manatee Disney Princesses…because why not?!



Disney X Selena

Cosmopolitan asked me to illustrate a series of Disney Ladies paying homage to the late Mexican American singer Selena. These were very fun to draw!

Disney X Britney

Next month is Britney Spears’ birthday. So the wonderful people over at Cosmopolitan asked me to illustrate a series of Disney ladies and lads paying homage to her and her iconic moments and looks! These were really fun to draw! I really enjoyed the flashbacks to my preteen and teenage years! Here are some of […]


Disney x Star Wars

Work work work! The Star Wars pieces I did for Zimbio are officially live! These were so fun to work on!! Read the article here: http://m.zimbio.com/For+The+Win/articles/DyUEcJS20JU/Disney+Animation+Meets+Star+Wars+These+Incredible