Name: Isaiah Stephens
Location: Lowell, MA
Contact: isaiah.stephens.art@gmail.com

Drawing and animating are everyday things for me. I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, and I started teaching myself to draw digitally around 2008.

I studied Media Arts and Animation at the New England Institute of Art, and obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in 2012. I am a published illustrator. I have done novel covers for the Italian version of “The Hunger Games”, and the cover for the novel “The Devil Came East”. I plan to write a few books of my own one day as well!

I have worked as a painter for the revolving museum in Lowell, MA. I would love to become an artistic entrepreneur of sorts, I’d love to get my hands in all types of artistic projects at a time. That is my dream.

I am currently a freelance illustrator and animator located in Lowell, MA.