Manatee Princesses

This months gig was to draw some Manatee Disney Princesses…because why not?!

Disney X Selena

Cosmopolitan asked me to illustrate a series of Disney Ladies paying homage to the late Mexican American singer Selena. These were very fun to draw!

Disney X Britney

Next month is Britney Spears’ birthday. So the wonderful people over at Cosmopolitan asked me to illustrate a series of Disney ladies and lads paying homage to her and her iconic moments and looks! These were really fun to draw! I really enjoyed the flashbacks to my preteen and teenage years! Here are some of […]

Disney x Star Wars

Work work work! The Star Wars pieces I did for Zimbio are officially live! These were so fun to work on!! Read the article here:

Disney Meets Magic Mike

Remember how i promised you funny art yesterday….welp, here we go! Another day, another Cosmopolitan gig! I always feel so honored to do these! Here are some Disney fellas gettin’ their Magic Mike on for their ladies! These were fun to draw! I had a lot of fun coloring these and dressing up the ladies.I […]

Love wins!

Today…I am very proud to be an American! Love is love!

Horror Animation!

It’s always been a dream of mine to make my own horror movie! And for the first time in my life, I’m seriously trying! Though this project would be an animated film. Horror fans: WOULD YOU WATCH THIS?! Blood Reign: The Black Dinner. (Working Title): Ten princesses are gathered for a customary banquet. They are […]

Rugrats moms!

Rugrats was far and away one of my favorite shows as a kid! Here are some quick illustrations of a few of the moms! Charlotte Pickles, Didi Pickles